Day 18/365 – My Gran

For a long time now, we’ve always believed that if my wonderful Gran could have come back as anything it would have been as a Robin. She absolutely loved them and more often than not, when out with the kids, on holiday, driving or walking the dog there is always a little Robin following me around no matter what time of the year, its as if she is letting me know she’s still around and keeping an eye on me.

I love/loved my Gran so very much. She looked after me, pretty much every day, whilst my Mum worked as an auxiliary nurse at Blackpool Victoria hospital, and fast became my best friend. I was only 7 when she died. She lived literally just around the corner from us with Bruce (her dog) and my Granddad. Her house was a stereotypical ‘coronation street’ style terraced house, but my god, did I love it! We had this little system that if I wanted her to call in and say hello at home I would put my toy rabbit in my bedroom window, and if she saw it on her way to the park with Bruce, she had to call in and get me. More often than not, she would!

She left this world far too early in my opinion, I miss her, the kids would have loved her. Ideally I’d love to show you a picture, but she was a photographers nightmare! Never ever looking at the camera! I can’t tell you how many photos I have of me, aged 4, 5 and 6 and the back of Grans head, or just her arm, or the side of her face! We always used to laugh about it!

Today though, as I was stood in the garden having a little giggle at Unis playing in the snow, I looked to my left, and there she was.. miss you Gran x

Snowy Robin


About joannanoble

Mummy of two, wife of one! Busy housewife for the minute, with football, swimming, basketball, rugby league, dancing and puppy walking all keeping me busy!
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