Day 20/365 – Snowmageddon Day 2 – The Revenge!

Himley Hall & ParkI love the snow, always have and probably always will! I can remember the first big snow I experienced back in 1981 (I bet there are a few of you who weren’t even around then!) but it was epic, well it was to a three year old! I can remember helping, and I use that term very loosely as I am sure I was no help what so ever! but I can remember helping my Dad actually dig us out of the house it was that deep!

We lived in this amazing, detached, red brick house in Blackpool at the time, on a main road, but for that weekend, Blackpool stood still. No cars, no party people, no holiday makers, no trams, nothing, but snow, snow and more snow!


This was me in our back yard back in December 1981. I didn’t build the snowman to look like a Klingon, honestly! I built that on the Friday and this is how he looked by the Monday! Quite scary looking back, but brilliant none the less!

The next big snow fall I can remember was back in 1996. Our school was closed, and our school NEVER closed! We had a head teacher who rivalled a member of staff from Hogwarts, gracing every assembly wearing a long back cloak. It was brilliant, but trust me, if she said the school was open, you were there, no question about it!

That week though was the week my Mum was in Christie’s Hospital in Manchester. She was diagnosed with bowel cancer in July 1995 and was admitted to Christie’s at the beginning of February and that week she took a turn for the worse. Before the snow fell we spent what time we could with her there. She was in and out of sleep, but I was pretty sure she was listening as every now and then she would butt in to our conversation which always made us smile! she always had to have the last word! Then, when she was spending more time asleep than awake, the snow fell. We lived in Blackpool and the hospital was an hour away there was no way we could get there, and there was no way my Aunty (Mum’s sister) and John (Mum’s partner) could get back.

We spent those few days at home with with my cousin and our best friends from school. The snow continued to fall, just like a security blanket. For that week instead or worrying that Mum wasn’t going to come home, about how ill she was, about would we see her again, we had the chance to be the 17 and 14 year old children that we were. We laughed, we played, we had fun! I can remember so vividly being in the park with our friends and my cousin lying down in the pouring snow making snow angels! It was wonderful. The friends and family I spent that week with, will always be very special.

The snow protected us from seeing Mum at her worst and allowed us, just for a week, to forget.

Towards the end of the week though, the temperature began to rise, and on Friday February 9 1996 Mum died and the snow melted away. Ever since then, I can almost guarantee that on that day, or around it, there is snow or frost where ever I am and it always makes me smile!

Now, every time it snows, I have even more of a reason to smile.. These two!Image

For two hours yesterday they played wonderfully together. Oliver was the perfect big brother! There was no fighting, no crying, no arguing, just lots and lots of laughing!


This was Lily’s first time in some really deep snow, and I hope she has enjoyed it, she certainly looked like she did! And I know I did!



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