Day 24/365 – Splish Splash

Day 24/365 - Splish Splash

These two have really made me smile today. First Lily comes out of pre-school and just before we leave she has to say bye to the pets – ‘Bye Skinny Pigs’ she yells, to the guinea pigs!! It was far to cute to correct!
Then we collected Oli after basketball. In the car on the way home he points to a man walking across the park.
He says ‘Mum, that’s the man from our school who puts the grit all over the playground and paths’
Me: ‘Oh right, Caretaker?’
Oli: ‘No not really, he just chucks it’ !! Hehe!!
I love my kids!


About joannanoble

Mummy of two, wife of one! Busy housewife for the minute, with football, swimming, basketball, rugby league, dancing and puppy walking all keeping me busy!
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