South Staffordshire Railway Walk – Day 27/365

I was home alone today, so after a spot of cleaning, hoovering and polishing I decided to take Unis somewhere new for our walk. So we headed out to the South Staffs Railway Walk.


The remains of the platform at Himley Station

The old railway line runs from Pensnett all the way to Castlecroft in Wolverhampton and in places you can still see the signs that this was once a used line, despite there being no track left at all! I swear at one point on our walk you could hear the clinking of the carriages!! (I think it was someone’s swing nearby though!)


The beauty of the railway walk is that its a long and mainly straight line, so on a weekend you can normally find hundreds of walkers and bike riders enjoying some well earned time together. Thankfully today there weren’t too many cyclists as Unis is fairly fond of chasing them!

2013-01-27 13

One of the old railway bridges

From leaving Himley we walked towards Castlecroft, taking in the lovely bridges, not to mention the huge puddles that had formed thanks to the big thaw! It’s typical that it was the first time I decided not to wear my wellies – what a muppet! One pair of ruined shoes later and there wasn’t much point in worrying about the puddles, Unis certainly wasn’t!

She really enjoyed it, although I will warn you that there is a crossing that runs along a very busy road, I knew where this was and put her on the lead before hand, didn’t want her running off down there!

2013-01-27 134

Unis and the old Wombourne Station, now the Railway Cafe


The kids love it down here, when they bring their bikes you can certainly understand why! We have done a bit of Geocaching down here as well. Which you all know I love!

Wombourne Station is now The Railway Cafe. We normally always stop here for a hot chocolate, they are lovely on a frosty morning. They serve food as well and they have got some fantastic photos inside from the days when the railway line was active.

Today though, with it just being the two of us, we didn’t stop for a drink. It was a shame as it was the perfect day for a marshmallow filled hot chocolate!



Below are the rest of the photos I took that morning! If you are looking for somewhere new to walk though, I can highly recommend a little adventure down the old line! You can find out a bit more information here.

2013-01-27 133

Wombourne Station – The Railway Cafe

Unis making sure everything is running smoothly at the cafe!

Unis making sure everything is running smoothly at the cafe!

2013-01-27 135

No one but us on the track!


The last bit of snow after the big thaw

The last bit of snow after the big thaw



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