Day 37/365 – Wakey wakey

Quite a momentous morning in our house, the littlest stayed in her bed all night! Normally we get at least one visit, either for the toilet, or a cuddle, or a breakfast request (I swear she dreams about food!) but this morning I woke around 3 and she wasn’t in our bed!

Naturally I panicked. Lay really still for ages to see if I could hear her. I couldn’t. Mainly because we don’t have a monitor any more and my bedroom door and her bedroom door was shut! So I got up, crept in to her room & before I even pushed open the door I could hear her snoring! So I lay awake then, thankful that she was fast asleep, and Oli was fast asleep, and everything was as it should be.

Could I get back to sleep though? Could I heck!

This is my little princess, in the morning when she woke!

Wakey wakey Mummy!

Wakey wakey Mummy!


About joannanoble

Mummy of two, wife of one! Busy housewife for the minute, with football, swimming, basketball, rugby league, dancing and puppy walking all keeping me busy!
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