Day 40/365 – Gone as long as I knew you..

Dear Mum,

Well, here we are again, only this is the year I was kind of always dreading, the moment you have been gone for as long as I knew you, and now its here. Seventeen whole years! (Don’t, what ever you do, mention that to Greg, Dahls or Simon as they will totally freak out that we are that old, because really we are still only 21! )

So, its been a year since I wrote to you and what a year its been to be honest! I still miss you, or the idea of you really, but I’ve learnt an awful lot this past year, an awful lot and there is no looking back now.

Oliver and Lily still make me melt every day. Their humour is just like yours, in fact just the other day in the car with James, Oli turned to him after he missed a gear and said ‘try them all Dad, you’ve got a box full!’ I mentioned it to him months ago that you always used to say that in the car when you did the same, and he remembered! Lily looks like me, but she has every personality trait I would have loved as a child. She is confident, strong, funny, stubborn and so very brave (bordering on the fearless, but we’ll gloss over that as well!) I am sure she would have driven you around the bend by now!! Although I’m pretty sure you would both have bonded over your mutual love of crispy chips though!

There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t think of you and miss you. Songs come on the radio or programmes come on the TV at just the time when I could do with a hug or a phone call and I know its your way of letting me know you’re still around. I hope you are. Gran has most definitely been hanging around of late! I think she likes Unis (a bit more than the rest of the family! hehe!) and the smiles she brings to our faces, but then she was always a dog person as well! Tell her I say hi, and that I love her and miss her, oh and grandpa as well – the grumpy chops! He’ll be pleased to know that I never leave the back door open when she goes out for a wee, to make sure I’m not wasting the warmth! 😉

Thanks for only delivering a few flakes of snow today I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the school run in the snow again, but it was nice to see them, like we always do around this time!

Any way I had better go. I miss you so very much. Your laugh, your smile, your hugs, your smell, your dancing around the room to Deaf Leopard and your love of Victoria Wood.

I know its been seventeen years and we hardly knew each other at all, but what I did know, I loved so very much. 

Miss you Mum, take care, sleep tight xx


                                      A Pink Carnation, just for you x


About joannanoble

Mummy of two, wife of one! Busy housewife for the minute, with football, swimming, basketball, rugby league, dancing and puppy walking all keeping me busy!
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2 Responses to Day 40/365 – Gone as long as I knew you..

  1. smilecalm says:

    Wonderful keeping her alive in your kindness towards others and smile towards yourself.

  2. I dont think I will read a better thing all year, well unless a new netball league is created that insists that all female participants must play topless. This is possibly still better than even that.

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